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Top Electric Cars coming to India

BMW Megacity

The BMW's megacity is going to be released in 2013. It is developed under BMW's Project, its much better than a classic normal car. Its loaded with corrosion-proof aluminum car chassis, and the carbon traveler compartment and vigorous electric motor, with a focal point on its sustainability. We can also expect the BMW Megacity will still stay in car services for decades and the BMW's cost a little for maintenance.

Audi A1 e-tron

Another electric car Audi A1, basically developed on the bases of Germans manufacturing company, and it has also been described as a Mega City car. Like the car Chevy Volt and Vauxhall the Audi A1 is an extensive ranges EV. Only Audi A1 is the car which delivers you 31 miles in city traffic, where as another electric car will not be able to give you such a good mileage except Mazda. For 124 miles you have to recharge the Audi A1 in enough.

Mazda 2

Mazda are the newest car manufacturer for announcing the plans to follow a new emotional or electric car, which will be based on the car brands well-liked city car- the Mazda2. The Mazda has a electric range of 124 miles, which is identical Audi A1. The Japanese car maker imagines that the upcoming electric cars will be the traveler cars of the upcoming and the Mazda 2 car is the first one in edifice their EV information.

Kia Pop

The Kia POP car comes with the concept of hailed as a glimpse of the upcoming for EVs. With its better chrome colored, nice side windows pill shaped, and gull wing way car doors and its transparent dash really making it fantastic. 

The Kia Pop comes with the 68 PS/190 Nm electric motor and with lithium polymer of 18kwh and remaining its gel type battery made the Kia POP has an inspiring 98 to 10 average on road. 

The Kia's car designer Gregory Guillaume from Europe has said that: I have this dream in my mind of a Kia POP sat at the illumination at a hard Paris connection with all these Vesper car riders that are waiting beside. Also there are no planning for putting the POP into production it is just likely it will encourage for a future look for the car developers in Japan.

Ford Focus

According to the new generation and features the ford is also going to release his Focus. The Ford Focus is the Britain's most discussed car; it comes with the feature of few tongues wagging across the globe. 

The electric trim level of Ford's focus is described by the company brand as it also completely and make it sure that it is the maintenance free car.

Electric Motors - Better Than the Combustion Engines

Electric motors are known as a viable alternative to the combustion engines because of their multiple advantages. The majority of brands have made the impossible to work with electric motors and improve them according to the contemporary requirements.

Many people don't believe in the compatibility between an electric motor and a combustion engine. Especially if this is related to the rapid increase in terms of oil pricing. Thus it is always a good idea to know the benefits of running an electric motor as opposed to the combustion engines available nowadays.

Design and performance

The electric motors have a more interesting design, being compact and fitting everywhere in the car. When it comes to performance, they are better than the gasoline or diesel models. Why? Because they have a power source (usually batteries) that is connected to the electric motor with the help of a convertor and a controller. This is utilized in order to enable the use of AC to the motor. This means that an electric motor requires a smaller number of mechanical items and causes less tear to the components that are already doing their job.

Friction and maintenance

Another great advantage of the electric motor is the fact that it doesn't have a great friction loss as opposed to the combustion engines. In this case, the energy is transformed into motion while running, making the acceleration constant and immediate.

Moreover, these motors don't need to be maintained that often and don't require engine oil or coolants. They are very silent and the heat liberated is not as intense as in other cases. The vibrations can hardly be perceived, if the engine is not modified in any way.

No gears or tank

Electric motors do not have gear but a mechanism to differentiate the back and forth movement. For some, this represents an opposite of the motor itself. Furthermore, by not having a tank with oil like in any other situation, this motor has the possibility to decentralize the movement generation. This means that more motors are used as opposed to one single motor that is hooked to a transmission. All you need is software to help the motors work together.

Fuel consumption

An electric motor does not need a clutch to exert torque and it can economize braking energy in order to recharge the batteries. In terms of fuel consumption, it has an efficiency of almost 90 percent. This means that this energy is consumed while driving using the battery to its full potential. On the other hand, the diesel engine has an efficiency of only 40 percent. Not to mention that this technology is eco-friendly and costs less than the existing alternatives.

Power source

This is the main weak point of the entire system. But this is not a terrible thing, since batteries are constantly being improved and made easier to charge. Taking into account that more people realize that the Earth should be preserved properly, the ecological responsibility grows too. Giving up on a few commodities is not a big price to pay for a clean and healthy planet.

Everything You Wanted To Know About Electric Car Engines

EV motors (electric vehicle) are basically DC Motors (Direct Current Motors) in most cases and the volt range vary from 96 to 192 volts. However AC Motors (Alternate Current Motors) are also used and in this case, the volt range can be anywhere between 240 and 300 volts. The most common electric car motors are the direct current motors because these motors are very easy to install and are usually not expensive as the alternate current motors. Apart from the simple setup, there is one more reason to rely on DC motors.

It is none other than the ability of electric motors to boost its wattage for a fraction of seconds, usually 5 times than its original output. Due to this, DC cars can have better acceleration for a very short span of time and this will help the car to perform better. However, this can't be done for so long as the engine will blowout. However, AC motors are installed in some cars because these engines can allow any industry specified motor to be used in the car which is quite advantageous.

The car's working principle is quite simple:

Drivetrain - In battery-powered cars, the working principle is very easy to understand. The car is driven by a motor (electric motor) which directly takes its energy from the cells. In hybrid cars, there are gasoline powered generators. Hybrid cars have a very sophisticated mechanism, which is not in the scope of this article. Coming back to electric cars, the straightforward mechanism avoid many components in between and it makes these cars more reliable.

Gear Box - Compared to gasoline powered vehicles, EV engines can't be pressured to produce more torque by switching to a lower gear. As we have seen earlier, DC motors can boost the power for a couple of seconds but car manufacturers do not use this option as a technique to boost the power. We can conclude that the gear box in an electric car engine is only to control speed. The working principle is also very different. It uses a resistor and the lower speed is achieved by putting higher resistance on engine.

Cells - Earlier, the car battery was the biggest downside of electric cars because on average, these batteries weight around 500 to 1,000 pounds. These days, there is sophisticated technology in branded cars but that technology does not come at a very reasonable price. Even the smallest cars with Li-ion battery setup will cost you a lot as the battery pack is quite expensive.

These are the major features of EV engines. Earlier, electric car batteries were identical to the car batteries (even today, many aftermarket electric car kits use the same) but these batteries will not last longer. The gel electrolyte based cells are expensive but long lasting too. If you want a reliable motor and battery setup for your investment, it is a good idea to stick to the latter.

An Overview of Apple Car

The world is on the edge waiting for the enormous innovation by Apple, and gossip is floating around that they are working on an autonomous car, the Apple car. Nobody appears to know if it is only rumours or if Apple is truly hiring engineers for an autonomous undertaking. Apple never stops to astound the world.

Possibly the Apple car will make deals for other car brands, however it is the time to truly determine if Apple is a genuine danger to the other brands. A few organizations are normally stressed, however a huge name, Mercedes, has not yet express their reasons for alarm about the new Apple car, and the industry needs to know why.

 According to Fortune Dieter, head of Mercedes-Benz the company doesn't fear the thought of an Apple car in light of the fact that it is simply one more type of rivalry. Organizations improves when they have serious rivalry, and that is the thing that makes an industry effective.

Growing industries are awesome news for the nation in light of the fact that it implies more employment accessibility. 

Mainstream organizations, for example Apple have the commitment to always concoct new products keeping in mind the final goal to remain well known, so Apple is simply running like a decent business. Rivalry is always threatening, but it forces big companies to create innovating products for buyers. 

The thought that the car industry could make space for another huge name like Apple is extraordinary news for car insurance organizations and in addition it will probably help their deals. Rivalry is the thing that keeps businesses running, and a little trepidation benefits organizations on the grounds that it lights the flame for them to compete.

The car industry should definitely feel the pressure to build business, on the grounds that another man in the diversion implies less business coming their direction. 

Car manufacturers need to take the rumours and keep running with them, generating new innovations and bringing in business. Apple Car play will assist you with interacting with the software of your autonomous car and control it with voice commands. 

Apple expresses that once the iPhone of the driver gets joined with the car play integration of the vehicle, voice commands will empower him/her to make calls,direct reaction to messages, to show contacts and maps, evaluated time for arriving destination, mapping instructions and activity circumstances on the streets.

Everything you want to know about the future of Autonomous cars!

Tesla Ends Roadster Production - Tesla Model X Crossover Next?
Tesla Motors, one of the original electric vehicle start-up companies and currently the most important player out of the few that remain, recently reiterated its plans to end production of its all-electric sports car, the Tesla Roadster, by the end of 2011. 

The Tesla Roadster has been Tesla Motors' main money-maker ever since it was released, with the first hundred units selling out in three weeks and the second hundred in just under a year from its release date.

Why then would Tesla end production of the vehicle that made them a household name in the electric car industry? It could have something to do with Tesla Motors' primary stated goal as a company, which is not simply to make a profit and allow its CEOs to retire in style, but to increase the variety and popularity of electric vehicles on today's car market. Selling its cars is only one of the three ways Tesla has declared as a strategy to accomplish this goal.

The other two involve selling the technology in Tesla's electric motors to other car manufacturers to help them along the EV path, and providing a positive example to the auto industry that it is possible to create electric vehicles that are efficient, high-performance, and popular.

Although the Tesla Roadster has helped rocket Tesla Motors to international fame, possibly the geniuses behind the company have decided that it has completed its course. Tesla Motors is working on something even bigger than the amazing success of the Roadster. There has been a bit of buzz in the recent media about Tesla's new EV, the Model X.

Although not much is known about the Model X, reports are that it will be in the wildly-popular crossover SUV genre and that the platform will be based on another Tesla model, the Model S. This brings to mind a strategy hit upon by the Big Three automakers, in the 1980s. 

They each developed a solid vehicle platform, just one was necessary, and began using it as a base for scores of different car models. With just one vehicle platform, these companies produced cars, trucks, SUVs, and crossovers of all shapes and sizes, dropping different body styles on top of the same platform. This strategy allowed them to quickly make a killing on the market.

Possibly, ending production on its Roadster is Tesla's way of diverting necessary resources to this one-platform strategy. If they can perfect their Model S platform, they will be able to cheaply make many different electric models - SUVs, minivans, sedans, practically whatever they like - using the Model S as a base.

There is just the small matter of being able to keep their heads above water in the six month interim between the end of the Roadster and the beginning of the Model X. Tesla recently announced plans for an issuing of 5.3 million of their shares to the public to help them raise money and survive as an independent company until the Model X takes off. Could this strategy be the key that will finally allow them to reach their company's goal of making electric vehicles a part of the everyday life of the mainstream consumer?

Things Your Should Know About Homemade Electric Trucks

Ever since local gasoline prices reached its peak back in mid 2008, many car owners are seriously sourcing for an alternative energy for their vehicle. 

Many are looking into the idea of using electricity to power their cars. For the time being, a brand new electric car from the manufacturer is still quite expensive.

 To own an electric vehicle (EV), you can choose to convert your existing gasoline driven car to run purely on electric. One popular donor vehicle for electric conversion is a pickup truck. Before you proceed, there are 3 things you should know about homemade electric trucks.

Retrofitting an electric truck can be a complicated process
If you are not well versed with the inner workings of an automobile, it is not recommended for you to retrofit your own electric pickup. 

Most of the work will involve electrical wiring and machine tooling. Since some of the components are not available off the shelves, certain important parts have to be custom made.

A homemade electric truck has a limited mileage
A truck running on electricity has an average driving range of only 150 miles per charge. The actual mileage will depend on the condition of the electric motor, the state of the batteries and also the driving condition.

Better to outsource than to Do It Yourself (DIY)
A home DIY electric truck project will require a lot of time and energy commitment. You will also need all the necessary tools and equipment to get the job done. A better solution is to outsource the whole conversion process to a professional mechanic.

 This will save you a lot of time and headache.

Are you planning to send your gasoline driven truck to a professional workshop to be electric retrofitted? 

Get some electric vehicle knowledge before you do so.

Your car is bursting at the seams with children, sports equipment, groceries and pets. You think it may be time to trade up to a larger car. But is an SUV the right choice to make for your family?

First and foremost, as anyone who watches the evening news knows, the price of gas has skyrocketed and SUVs are notorious for poor gas mileage. Or are they? 

Depending on what make and model of SUV you choose, some get as good or better gas mileage than some large cars. For example, the 2004 Honda Element gets 22 miles to the gallon in the city, just 2 miles per gallon less than the 2004 Honda Accord. 

At highway 

speeds, the Element gets 8 miles per gallon less than the Accord, a larger, but not huge, difference Also, more and more auto manufacturers are designing hybrid gas-electric SUVs that provide better gas mileage along with the traditional extra space and power of SUVs.

Another major consideration when choosing between a car and an SUV is safety. Most people assume that, because of their larger size, that SUVs are safer than cars. 

However, crash tests conducted in 2003 proved that large SUVs were only slightly safer than mid-sized cars and were actually slightly more dangerous than large cars. SUVs also can roll over when taking turns at high speed, something that cars are far less likely to do. 

Drivers who are switching to SUVs after many years of driving cars may need some practice to learn to drive their SUV safely.

Many people think that SUVs, due to their larger size are more comfortable and have more cargo capacity than cars. To a certain extent this is true, but it depends heavily on what make and model of SUV you choose. 

Some SUVs actually have limited cargo space, though almost all have the power to haul a trailer. As far as comfort, many drivers prefer being higher up from the road, but older drivers and those with disabilities may have a hard time getting into the raised seats. 

Additionally, buckling a child into a car seat installed in the recommended back seat center position may be difficult for shorter moms and dads.

Finally, if you do a lot of city driving and, more importantly, parking, SUVs are less maneuverable and harder to parallel park than traditional cars. Even in the suburbs where most people park in lots, the spaces may not be wide enough for certain SUVs.

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