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How to Build an Electric Car?

 How to Build an Electric Car?  The Return of the Electric CarCars are one of the most significant inventions that man has ever made. It has emerged as the primary means of transportation because it's fast, elegant and comfortable. From the time of the steam powered coaches until the most recent sedan, cars have the primary source of transportation in the world.

However, this usefulness has been shadowed by its negative effects on the environment. It is because cars contribute to almost more than one - third of air pollution. These made the car, in spite of its usefulness, a health and nature hazard.

Now, steps are being made to find ways in order to make the cars more eco - friendly. These steps resulted to the revival of the concept of electric cars.

Electric cars are not new. They have been one of the early versions of cars and were in competition with the gas - guzzler type for use in all kinds of transport in early times. However, it lost the battle because of two factors; the invention of the electric starter by Cadillac and the start of mass production of cars by Ford. It was only recently that major car companies began developing models for the public.

In spite of this development, the majority of electric cars that run on the highways are built at home using old cars and spare parts. It is so easy that with a few hundred dollars, anyone can convert a regular car to an electric one. Indeed, the idea of an electric car conversion has spread that many are wondering how to build an electric car.

Because of this various books have been written to cater to the inquiries of the people. Do - it - yourself or DIY electric car guides become readily available in bookstores and shops. Its major impact though is found on the World Wide Web.

Numerous sites that are devoted to electric cars appeared. Many sites offer first hand information about electric cars for beginners and old timers alike. These sites also sell DIY electric car kits, guides, spare parts and completed models at the best possible price. In the Internet, information sharing about electric cars became so easy that absolute beginners don't need a very comprehensive knowledge just to build an electric car.

Aside from being eco - friendly, electric cars are also noted for its fuel efficiency. It gives a better return to the owner's money since almost all the energy stored in its batteries are used in running the car. Conventional cars which use gasoline only consume approximately 20 % of the energy that is stored in every liter. The rest becomes hazardous emissions and wasted potential energy.

Electric car owners also love its being nearly silent when running. This makes it ideal in quiet neighborhoods where people appreciate the idea of being quiet. This silence is due to the absence of the engine which is its main difference from conventional cars. Instead electric motors attached to controllers which are attached to storage batteries provide the main source of power.

The revival of the concept behind electric cars could just be the missing factor in making cars eco - friendly. And it's not too late to start learning about converting your car into an electric vehicle. Any serious driver should know how to build an electric car. It would be a great boost not only to their driving lives but also to the environment.

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