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Requirement of an Ideal Car Review Article

Anything in the world has a system and following the system religiously is the only ladder to success. Even in the case of online car reviews it is important to add or focus some of the fixed data as they only make the articles more popular and impressive. Any of the articles can become effective only if it is having all the basic needs which a car buyer is searching for. Here we have added some of the information which can become useful for the review maker and also will make the most impressive and effective use of the review which will automatically make it popular.

Basic introduction of the model

An introduction to the car model which is to get targeted is necessary but that also should be short enough to get familiar with the company and the model. It is quite important in the car review to use the shorter and sweeter language as these languages and sizes will motivate and retain the interest of the reader. Also the starting should be on to the topic as the reader is more interested in reviewing the features of the car rather than history and geography of the car and company.

Emphasize the exterior and performance first

Soon after briefing the introduction, the performance of the car and the engine capacity should be reviewed as these are the most focused parts in which the reader is interested. Also, to retain and to enhance the reading of the reader to the blog, the main features should be narrated first. Exterior of the cars are always the prime search for the buyer and to make the exterior exposed it is strongly recommended to have the close up look of the car photograph just beside the paragraph which is featuring the exteriors.

No overload of photographs

There are so many bloggers who believe that the car review can be made attractive by adding some exclusive photographs. It is definitely true but to some extent only and also they should keep in mind that "Excess always ruins the recreation". Also the reviews are relied on the content than photographs. There should enough space for the content and expert views rather than filling the articles with photographs only. A balanced review is always better than the jazzy and picture-full review.

Comparison with the competitors should be presented

It is always required to make a comparison in the performance, pricing and all the other sections which are heavily important to decide the particular car model. There are so many points which are made available in particular cars but when the writer makes the comparison in brief, the readers can compare their utilities with the given article and can make the faster and bold decision as per their requirements. It is not practical to search for all the different cars reviews of the same categories and to compare later on. So, better way is to present the comparison and leaving the entire job of decision or even commenting on the readers.

Nothing personal

While making the new car reviews or even the used car reviews it is important to have an un-biased mind. No comments should be added that "I have used this model and it doesn't suit me" etc. So, the entire article should be as perfect as doing nothing with the company or even the model personally. The moment we get personal, the neutrality of the article wipes off and it is truly a cheating with the job. So, this thing is bound to get avoided. So, these are some of the important points which are required to get considered while making the car reviews.

Does a Car Review Help in Buying a Car?

Most car enthusiasts enjoy watching shows and reading magazines that do reviews on all sorts of cars. They go from so-called low-budget cars to super sport cars. We read them, watch them and enjoy the entertainment. But here comes the main question: are these reviews realistic and would they, in fact, help the common driver in choosing a car to buy.

Would the common driver, if he/she intends to buy, open his/her favorite magazine or watch their favorite show and lean on their judgment

The answer is probably: no (With all do respect to the big names in show-biz).

For car reviews have evolved from a bit dull, mostly technical reviews to a full-fledged adrenalin packed show.

So, let's take it from the top: what is a average driver

That's the driver who wants good value for money, reliability, long service intervals and an abundance of spare parts for his car. All of these terms seem hard to meet, but most car-makers have long since met these. In a quality manner, if I may notice.

Here comes in the clash. The most obvious reasons for this are:

- Most magazines and reviews deal with the latest in car technology (not to mention the most expensive) leading only the common driver to drool in his sleep and see something that he is probably never going to have. Not that this is bad, but has little influence in the real world.

- The way the car-testing is being done is different from the real exploitation of the car. Seeing the test driver push the car to its limits of course reveals some faults, but in regular every day driving, the car is very good. How many times is an average driver going to push his new car to the extreme (sliding, hand-brake maneuvers etc.)

- The cars tested almost always have a full package of accessories (climate control, alloy wheels, special color, leather etc) which don't come on the basic model. So the car you would buy isn't in fact the car your seeing in the review. Most of the accessories have to be paid for apart.

- Most reviews do a fancy show-off of the car rather then tell the driver the basic characteristics. We all sit dazzled in front of the picture or screen and end up not knowing the basics of the car (real fuel consumption, stability in regular exploitation and how much are we going to spend in the future on the car).

- What's, perhaps, pretty annoying to the average driver is that most reviews have a rather bone-bashing attitude towards the low or middle budget cars. You'll have to admit that most of the driving population has these kinds of cars and they serve them very well. Not to mention the fact that most manufacturers are putting their main efforts into this car-class. Seeing,reading or listening to the review often differs very much from a live experience.

But not all is that bad. As I've said, you can see the cutting edge technology, safety features and perhaps have a laugh or two about some funny written or said article.

Just remember this; the accent is mostly on entertainment and a bit of marketing. If you really want to buy yourself a car, go out, take a look for yourself, have a test drive and do it in the real world.

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