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Used Electric Cars

Learn How to Choose Used Electric Car for the Best Terms

Are you in the market for a used electric car? If so, then you'll need some steps to help you purchase the right electric vehicle for you.

What You Need To Consider When Purchasing A Used Electric Vehicle

1 - Figure Out What Vehicle Is Right For You

Take a look at the Nissan Leaf and the Chevy Volt. The Leaf vehicle is purely electric and has a range of approximately 100 miles, based upon driving habits and conditions. The Volt vehicle is an electric vehicle that comes with a gas engine for a backup. The combination of the two allows the gas to go 300 miles. The Volt should be used more as a primary vehicle. The Leaf works much better for a commuter vehicle.

2 - Where Are You Headed

It's important to note where you're headed to if you plan on buying a used electric vehicle. After all, you need to be where the juice is. For example, if you're looking to go out to the woods or visit family, you might find yourself out of power before you know it.

3 - Get In Touch With A New Vehicle Dealer

It's not a bad idea to call new vehicle dealers to see if they've got any used electric vehicles. If there's a waiting list, you might have to pay a little money to get put on the list. This is something you should consider but definitely could work in your favor.

4 - Examine The Area You Live In

It's not uncommon to find folks who have purchased an electric car and not have the right place to park them each night. Your vehicle will need to be plugged in every night. And, if you live in an apartment complex, you could be out of luck.

5 - What Is The Warranty Like

It's not known yet if vehicle will be a part of the certified pre-owned programs but it's likely they will be. See what the coverage will be on your vehicle once you have purchased it used. Hybrid vehicle batteries have a warranty of either eight years or 100,000 miles, whichever one comes first.

6 - Get Information About The Vehicle Battery

It's important you learn all you can about the vehicle battery including what could damage it. For example, hot weather could be harder on the battery life than cold weather, which is something you need to consider when in the market for a used vehicle. Remember, that has a battery gets older and it's used regularly, it will lose its capacity. Even though an electric vehicle doesn't have a lot so miles doesn't mean the battery will last for a long time.

7 - Be Ready For Disappointments

Always keep this in mind: first generation electric vehicles will have some problems with them. After all, the technology is new and is being mass produced. There are bound to be issues with them that will eventually be worked out. Thus, the need for warranties especially with first generation cars!

8 - Rent An Electric Vehicle

You can find vehicle rental agencies that do have cars for you to rent. Consider renting one to see what it would be like to live with this kind of vehicle before you spend your hard-earned money on one.

Last Tidbit About Electric Cars: When you're buying an electric vehicle, you'll still need to follow the steps that come with it. What does that mean?

A - Test drive it

B - Get the vehicle inspected

C - Get a vehicle history report

Why? Used electric vehicles are like other used cars. Don't ever take a chance on a big investment!


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